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An image of a mobile phone with Apps springing up from it.

Let’s Talk Apps

ByBySusan Pearson11 Aug 20236 min read

Embarking on an App Adventure When it comes to Apps I can be very guilty of having shiny object syndrome, as soon as I see a new one I am already picturing using it. Sometimes I even dive in and…

An image of a mobile with Apps coming out and the SetApp Logo

SetApp for Spoonies

ByBySusan Pearson3 Aug 20208 min read
Introducing SetApp for Spoonies in the community, sharing with you the Apps I love and the benefit of joining the Netflix for Mac Apps.
Facebook for Spoonies

Facebook for Spoonies

ByBySusan Pearson28 Feb 20205 min read
Discover Facebook for spoonies and make the most of its features. Learn about managing your profile, connecting with friends, and creating a Facebook Page for your blog. Get tips on organising your online presence and utilising the synergy between Facebook and Instagram. Enhance your social media experience as a spoonie with these valuable insights
An image of a laptop with a todo list on paper on top of it. A case for ClickUp for Spoonies.

ClickUp for Spoonie Bloggers

ByBySusan Pearson8 Nov 20195 min read
Maintaining a blog can be hard work, can I recommend ClickUp for Spoonie Bloggers it makes life much easier. You can use many features for the magic price of zero.
An image of Social Media icons with bees flying towards them.

SocialBee for Spoonie Bloggers

ByBySusan Pearson6 Sep 20194 min read
Introducing SocialBee for Spoonie Bloggers. When you run a blog and have a chronic illness, you need all the help you can get. This tool provides that help.
Plan it all with Trello a whiteboard in Kanban style full of post it notes.

Plan it all with Trello

ByBySusan Pearson7 Mar 20189 min read
Let’s talk about how you can plan it all with Trello. A really popular app than is very beginner friendly but can easily grow with your needs. Power ups anyone…