Completely Transparent

Here is my completely transparent disclosure policy.

Affiliate Links

If you decide to buy any products flagged up as affiliate links, I may receive a small commission from your purchase. This will not affect the price you pay. They are products I have bought and found very helpful or enjoyable to use.

Sponsored Posts

Nobody has ever paid me to talk about their product, if that changes in the futures I will always make it very clear at the beginning of the post that it is a Sponsored Post.

Guest Posts

If I decide to accept any guest posts at any point it will always be disclosed if I receive any compensation for doing so. I will only consider guest posts that I believe fit in with the theme of the blog and hope will be of interest to you.

Receiving Products

On the odd occasion, manufacturers or retailers may provide me with a product for free for me try out and if I enjoy it, to share it with you. If this happens, I will always disclose to you in the post that the product(s) are gifted.

Partnerships and Collaborations

I have no ongoing partnerships of collaborations with brands other than the previously declared affiliate links. If this was to change this policy will be updated to reflect this.

Privacy and Data Collection

Please see the Privacy Policy for full details of this.

Bias and Fairness

When reviewing products or services I will always strive to ensure my content is as unbiased as possible. I will never accept a payment for a positive review or be swayed from my personal opinion when sharing my experience.

Compliance and Law Regulations

I will comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines related to blogging, advertising, and disclosures including those surrounding GDPR

Use of AI

With the recent emergence of so much AI I will be making use of it where appropriate to assist on the blog. I may use it to help rephrase the occasional sentence or to generate an appropriate image. On the odd occasion that a whole paragraph is created artificially I will draw attention to this on the page.

AI will be assisting with research and acting as an occasional editor or publisher but I will remain as the primary author of all content in the blog.

Update Policy

If anything changes from the information provided above you can expect an update of the policy within the same week as the change comes about.

Contact Details

If you have any questions or concerns about the Disclosure Policy you can find my details on the Contact Me page.

My Disclosure Promise to You

Like all bloggers, I hope to make a living. But above that, even, I have my integrity. It is my promise that I will promote nothing to you I don’t believe in. If my opinion of something changes with time, I will go back and edit my blog post to reflect accordingly.