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Digital Organisation papers colliding in space.

Digital Organisation

ByBySusan Pearson22 Aug 20236 min read

Let’s talk about digital organisation. For clarification we are talking about the act of being digitally organised not a digital organisation, in other words a company. Table of Contents[Open][Close]What is digital organisationWhere to startA Second BrainStreamlining your workflow with digital…

A girl with an Laptop and a Todo List ticked off. Is she using Todoist?

Concur each day with Todoist

ByBySusan PearsonMar 14, 20187 min read

Welcome back to my Digital Organisation series.  Today I am focussing on Todoist that I use to organise each day. You may be wondering why I need a separate daily organiser if I am using Trello and that is a very good question and…

Plan it all with Trello a whiteboard in Kanban style full of post it notes.

Plan it all with Trello

ByBySusan PearsonMar 7, 20189 min read
Let’s talk about how you can plan it all with Trello. A really popular app than is very beginner friendly but can easily grow with your needs. Power ups anyone…
An image of Emails been sent around the world.

Staying on top of email with ActiveInbox

ByBySusan PearsonFeb 28, 20186 min read

Today we are talking about ActiveInbox a chrome extension I used for a long time when Gmail was my main email platform. It is one of the subscriptions that was well worth paying. Table of Contents[Open][Close]A bit of a cheapskateLearning…