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ByBySusan Pearson11 Aug 20236 min read
My Genealogist origin story and why genealogy may be such a popular past time. Discover the profound connections to our ancestors and the captivating stories that shape our heritage.
What does family mean to you? An image of a family and their dog out at the park.

Family what does it mean to you?

Susan Pearson15 Jul 20195 min read
Family what does the word mean to you? As a genealogist with no descendants and a “family” of Fibro Warriors I consider the future of genealogy.
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Find my Past: Why I like it

Susan Pearson23 Apr 20185 min read

Following on from last weeks post when I talked about why I switched to RootsMagic my healthy spare time is still completely absorbed with my Genealogy. Because I splay my research out in every direction, I take things beyond my…

Why I switched to RootsMagic

Why I switched to RootsMagic

Susan Pearson16 Apr 20186 min read

I am talking about Genealogy today, and in particular, RootsMagic the software I am now using. As my regular readers know, I usually publish a Craft Post on a Monday, but the switch in my brain has flipped, and it…

A cemetery full of white crosses with a backdrop of trees.

Remember to capture all the moments of life

Susan Pearson6 Aug 20165 min read

Stirred once again by poignant reflections at a recent funeral, one that transcended the ordinary to become a profound celebration of a life, I am reminded of the importance of photography in chronicling life’s entirety. Table of ContentsThe unforgettable birthing…

Living Creatively with Fibro | Look after all the Branches of your tree

A Genealogists missed opportunities

Susan Pearson2 Jul 20163 min read

When It’s all too late This week we attended the funeral of my husband’s Aunt Enid. I had only had the opportunity to meet her twice, once at a family birthday party and again at our wedding. Actually, let me…