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Written by Susan Pearson

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Published 8 November 2019

Introducing ClickUp for Spoonie Bloggers. Maintaining a successful blog can be hard work, especially when you hit that creativity slump or struggle to keep things organised. In the world of blogging, inspiration can sometimes run dry, leaving you wondering about your next topic. This is where a powerful tool like ClickUp comes into play, helping you stay ahead of the game when things get tough. While there are various sources for blog post inspiration, let’s delve into a crucial aspect that underpins blogging success – organisation and planning, and explore why ClickUp is an ideal choice for Spoonie Bloggers.

History of ClickUp

ClickUp emerged as a comprehensive project management and productivity platform designed to streamline tasks, enhance collaboration, and boost efficiency. At a time when there were many competing productivity apps ClickUp marketed themselves as the tool to do it all. There were teething troubles with performance as the development was so fast paced but it has since settled to become a leading platform.

However, not all of us are business users and It has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface, flexibility, and adaptability to various workflows. You can plan your blog but you could also plan a trip away or a renovation project.

What type of blogger are you?

There are loosely three types of bloggers:

  • Those who do it for themselves, keeping an online diary that they incidentally share with the world, gaining readers is not really their purpose.
  • Bloggers who want to share their message and build up a following who can help spread the message even further.
  • Those who hope to make a living from their efforts, or maybe even get rich!

ClickUp for Spoonie Bloggers

For bloggers who identify as Type 2 or Type 3, meaning those aiming to share their message, build a following, or even monetise their efforts, organisation becomes paramount. This is where ClickUp shines. It offers a range of features tailored to help you plan, manage, and execute your blog content effectively, while also accommodating the unpredictable nature of chronic illnesses like Fibromyalgia, often referred to as “Spoonie” conditions.

The Benefits of ClickUp

ClickUp’s versatility and flexibility make it a perfect fit for bloggers managing the challenges posed by chronic illnesses. Here are a few ways ClickUp can make a difference:

We are all different and work in our own way so our organisation system needs to be versatile. I believe this tool delivers all those things, and I don’t think it will disappoint you. Here are some ways I use it.

 ClickUp Kanban View

Kanban View

ClickUp’s Kanban view allows you to organise your thoughts and ideas visually. This is particularly helpful for brainstorming and capturing ideas that come to mind.

Calendar View

The built-in calendar view lets you plan and schedule your blog posts effectively, ensuring you stay on track with your content calendar. I spend a lot of time on the Calendar view, you can choose to hide your published posts/ completed tasks or leave they there crossed out as a visual reminder of what you have achieved.

The Calendar view in Clickup for Spoonie Bloggers

List View

If you prefer working with lists, ClickUp’s list view helps you manage tasks, set priorities, and track progress.

The Click-Up list view

Task Management

ClickUp’s task management features enable you to break down your blogging tasks into manageable steps, ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed.

ClickUp Walk Though

Really, the best way to show all that it can do is to show you around, so I have created a video for you.


When I first began using Obsidian for my personal knowledge management I thought I would try and do all of my tasks and blog planning in that tool too. There was a trend in the productivity fandom of having one tool to do it all. In fact ClickUp’s tagline is one tool to do it all – so they led the trend. I however, am now creating a suite of tools that are the best for the task. So I have returned to using it again for what it excels at. Project and task management.


ClickUp’s adaptable nature allows you to adjust your plans and tasks based on your energy levels and health conditions, making it an ideal tool for Spoonie Bloggers.

ClickUp provides a versatile and visually appealing platform that caters to the unique needs of Spoonie Bloggers. Whether you’re looking to organise your thoughts, plan your content, or manage tasks effectively, ClickUp offers a range of features that can enhance your blogging journey. So, if you’re a Spoonie Blogger seeking a tool that aligns with your challenges and goals, give ClickUp a try and experience the difference in your blogging workflow.

More to the point I haven’t mentioned how generous the free plan is. When I began using it I had to take out a subscription to do what I needed. Now, when I have returned to it, all I want to do is possible for absolutely nothing.

I hope you have found this useful. Let me know if you give ClickUp a try!

Until next time,

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