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The future of Evernote


I received an email from Evernote today talking a little about their successes from last year and hinting at possible growth for this year and I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit worried.

Evernote has been around forever, since those days several “Do it all products” have come on the market. I have had an experience with Notion and ClickUp which I still use. ClickUp more than Notion at the moment. I like different things about these tools.

However, Evernote as I talk about on the main blog is something I have trusted through all this time to have my back as a digital filing cabinet. I can easily add digital content or manually scan physical letters into it and tag them up. The search facility is amazing it can even read handwritten notes.

ClickUp is on a constant mission to do everything and whilst a lot of this is very successful sometimes new features are slow or buggy or they create problems for existing features that were not an issue before the latest update. They resolve them quickly but there is a price to pay for the growth.

I can’t help worrying that the current ambition to grow Evernote into a competitor could ultimately cause problems for the features that it is best known for that I rely on. There is something to be said for stopping and thinking. Is it better to have one app that does it all or does a small suite of carefully selected apps work together to do it all? What are your thoughts?

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